Around-the-Clock Security Patrol Services

Delta Security LLC in Phoenix, Arizona offers 24/7 security and patrol services for private properties. We strive to keep you and your place safe, whether you’re present or not.

Patrol Services

We provide security patrols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Basic Mobile Patrols

You can have your property checked on multiple times a day and or night. We will check gates, doors, and windows to ensure your property is secure, remove trespassers from your property, and ensure there is no criminal activity taking place. We will also report maintenance issues found that you may not be aware of.

Alarm Response

Our mobile patrols are available 24 hours a day to respond to your alarms. From fire alarms, panic alarms, and intrusion alarms, we have you covered. With multiple mobile patrols on each shift, our response time is guaranteed to be short.

Vacation Watch

Our patrol officers can check on your property nightly to ensure all doors are locked, and there has been no criminal activity on the property. We can check the property thoroughly to ensure no trespassers are on-site and report and remove those who are not supposed to be there.


We provide hourly patrol services to specified areas. Having a designated patrol service can cover a large area, and we have a much faster response time since we are already within your property boundaries. We service HOA, small and large HOA residential, commercial and industrial areas.


Our officers are well-prepared experts, radio dispatched and trained to handle any security risks.

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